The #1 NON-Fiction Gloryhole Books

by Gloryhole Activist Glorenthal Holeyfield

Founder Of The Hashtag #gloryholemovement

True real-life Gloryhole education that enables men worldwide to experience the real thing.
Not some erotic novel or short story fantasy.
Buying, downloading and acting on this will make your EXPERIENCE IT FOR REAL.

The Gloryhole Books by Glorenthal Holeyfield that introduced the hashtag #gloryholemovement back in 2018 and educate and inspire horny men worldwide.

Gloryhole Books by Glorenthal Holeyfield
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The Gloryhole Books

#1 Soon-To-Be-Banned Non-Fiction Gloryhole Books

The only Gloryhole books enable men worldwide no matter of their sexual orientation to experience Gloryholes FOR REAL. Forget about erotic fantasy novels and made-up gloryhole fiction or gloryhole porn. These books gurantee you to experience Gloryholes for good!

English Gloryhole Books



Uncensored & Revealing:

Interviews With Private Gloryhole Owners Worldwide

Gloryholes are real. There are not just real, there is a worldwide network of private Gloryhole owners that waits for horny men everwhere to satisfy their needs.Discover twenty inspiring, exciting and revealing interviews with authentic Gloryhole pictures from behind the scenes. Glorenthal Holeyfield speaks with guys from The United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, US Virgen Islands, Germany, Costa Rica and Switzerland. Get inspired how real men of all walks of life enjoy amazing anonymous sexlike never before!

The Private Gloryhole Revolution

Your complete uncensored Gloryhole Non-Fiction Guide. The essential first "Everything about Gloryholes" book written by Glorenthal Holeyfield that started the #gloryholemovement. The "Gold Standard" for inspiring new upcoming private Gloryhole owners and educating men of all walks of life that Gloryholes are FOR REAL and not just some porn movie plot.

Hidden In Plain Sight:

Outrageous Gloryhole Ideas

How to run private Gloryholes in plain sight. Get forbidden inspiration to run and experience adrenaline-laden Gloryhole sex for rea with these outrageous project ideas. While not all of them are suitable for your area and budget - some of them are rather easy to make CUM TRUE. Do you dare to make those Gloryhole locations happen for real? There are already guys ready to use them, right now!

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